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OUR Google ads clients have been with us for years. That's because we look after your account like it's our own, and we deliver phenomenal results.



DON't just listen to us

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is POWERFUL but it’s also moderately COMPLEX – which is where a lot of providers go wrong – because they simply don’t know what they’re doing.

We have been providing consistently excellent results year after year and that is why our PPC clients have been with us long term and are happy to provide you with referrals.


honesty & transparency

Some PPC management agencies offer x number of clicks per $ spent and won’t allow you to see the campaigns they are running on your behalf. There’s a reason for that. I say avoid these people like the plague!

At Logical Assembly we setup YOUR account so that you have full owner access. We know we do a great job and consequently we have absolutely nothing to hide.

focus on what is important

Many PPC ads managers will try to blind you with glossy, professionally-designed reports sporting all kinds of metrics and line graphs.

We comb through these details the same way they do, but we focus on what matters to you – SALES.

Our No-Nonsense SEO Process


Our Killer Audit

We review the current state of your website, your domain authority, backlink profile, content quality and other technical on-page factors. Here we get a clear picture of why you’re not on top of the Google search results. After that, we do the same for your top competitors. This time, we get a clear picture of why they are on top of the Google search results. After all, it’s a no-nonsense approach, right? Now we know what the difference is, we are ready to roll…


Our Knock Out Strategy

Once all the numbers are in, we carefully craft a strategy that exploits the weak spots of the competition. It’s actually fool-proof. Replicate their numbers and then go the extra mile. What can go wrong? I mean the competition is already on top of Google, but now, here you come, heaps better in terms of quality and quantity. All of a sudden, you edge out the competition and taking the top spot. Our clients are consistently blown away by the results we deliver using this approach.


Our Precise Implementation

So we have the numbers and the blueprint for success. What’s left to do is the successful implementation of the tactics we’ve outlined. This is where most providers falter and where we stand out. The Logical Assembly team is a highly organised, process driven machine that zones in on the two most important aspects: improve brand awareness and revenue. We deliver results.



We are Proud to be a  Trusted Small Business Partner. Below are a list of other Sydney based businesses that are also highly experienced and trusted within their given industries:


Infrascan has been providing thermal imaging services to clients in Sydney for decades. Their thermal imaging sydney services extend to a thermal scan of switchboards, motors and other electrical components for safety and insurance purposes. Resulting thermography reports are sent out within only a few hours.


Thermal Imaging Perth provides more thermal imaging services but this time in the city of Perth, the CBD and in the surrounding suburbs. Their comprehensive thermal imaging, thermal scanning and thermography services provide support to Perth businesses ensuring their switchboards and electrical components are given a regular health check and are not in danger of overheating.


When it comes to pergolas sydney, Urban Exteriors are an absolute institution, and have also been around for decades. They are also builders of extremely high quality sunrooms / outdoor rooms.

More Testimonials

“…Logical Assembly designed the Watermaid website. We are happy with the results. Will definitely recommend…”

A Romer


“…It was great to work collaboratively with Martin to achieve the results we needed. It was smooth and professional…”

M Radmilo

Nexxon Group

“…Logical Assembly did an amazing job on our website, with speed and professionalism…”

D Verco

Advent Games

“…We asked Martin to redesign our very tired and boring website. The result is outstanding…

P Merity

Peter Merity

“…I would have no hesitation to recommend Logical Assembly. They have become our go-to provider for all aspects…”

E Burnett


“…Logical Assembly has provided a level of service and training to my staff and I, we, have never enjoyed before…”

M Beirne

Barclay Beirne Lawyers

“…I was impressed with their knowledge levels and the meticulous attention with which they approached the project…”

I Regan

Urban Exteriors