ALL our clients reached Page 1 of Google
ALL our clients are willing to provide referrals
AND better still… we do NOT overcharge




Martin Threlfall

Founder, Logical Assembly and SBO Authority

Dear Business Owner,

You’re a small or medium sized business owner… and you deserve better.

As you’ve already discovered, a vast number of digital marketers will overcharge you – whilst providing little or no return on investment.

Hi, my name is Martin Threlfall, and I am the founder of Logical Assembly.

I started this business in 2015 when I became a single parent. Thanks to my clients, I am able to provide for my kids. My gratitude drives us to provide maximum results for you every day.

Logical Assembly relied on word of mouth for many years, but thanks to client referrals, we have grown from humble beginnings to becoming a nationally recognised provider.

There’s a reason for that… 

1) We only employ the highest calibre of staff. Our current expertise includes BA Hons in Sociology, Masters Degree in Psychology, BA Hons in English Studies, C#/.NET, business consultancy, marketing and journalism.

2) You will not be dealing with one of those smarmy, silver-tongued marketers on Facebook (you know the ones) who will charge you like a wounded bull. We understand the challenges that small business face and we’re here to be honest with you, and to focus on results and value for money.

But don’t just take my word for it. My clients have mostly been with me for years and are happy to provide referrals

Call me now for some FREE ADVICE on 1800 717 546.

the industry watchdog – protecting you, the business owner

We also founded Small Business Online Authority (SBOA) – a free community information site, advocating to make digital marketing & SEO Services more transparent, ethical and professional. We believe that YOU DESERVE BETTER.

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Client Testimonials




We are Proud to be a  Trusted Small Business Partner. Below are a list of other Sydney based businesses that are also highly experienced and trusted within their given industries:


Infrascan has been providing thermal imaging services to clients in Sydney for decades. Their thermal imaging sydney services extend to a thermal scan of switchboards, motors and other electrical components for safety and insurance purposes. Resulting thermography reports are sent out within only a few hours.


Thermal Imaging Perth provides more thermal imaging services but this time in the city of Perth, the CBD and in the surrounding suburbs. Their comprehensive thermal imaging, thermal scanning and thermography services provide support to Perth businesses ensuring their switchboards and electrical components are given a regular health check and are not in danger of overheating.


When it comes to pergolas sydney, Urban Exteriors are an absolute institution, and have also been around for decades. They are also builders of extremely high quality sunrooms / outdoor rooms.


Free downloadable brochures that will help you understand how digital marketing works

This is a down to earth, practical guide aimed at the average small to medium sized business owner who wants to know more about digital marketing.

This downloadable brochure is just the first of many that I will be writing to help entrepreneurs like you.

do not let them confuse you

A lot of digital marketing companies will try to confuse the heck out of you with fancy phrases and concepts. They’re doing that on purpose — blinding you with hyperboles to justify their sluggish progress and often exorbitant costs. In fact, for small to medium sized businesses, the formula is so straightforward that we’ve outlined it in 4 simple steps:

Why Choose


As a small to medium sized business owner, you know you need to show up on Google in order to attract online sales, but the problem is which digital marketing provider do you trust to do a good job for you? Unfortunately, there are multitudes of unscrupulous providers out there, and consequently the industry as a whole has rightfully gained a really bad rep. Well… we say “enough is enough”.

We’re here to help you cut through all the jargon and communicate with you at YOUR level. We will look you in the eye and say, “Ok this is what we do and we know this will help your business grow.” And then actually get results.

That’s how simple and straightforward it should be. We’re a team dedicated to help you generate sales through our experience in digital marketing. We are YOUR marketing team.

More Testimonials

“…Logical Assembly designed the Watermaid website. We are happy with the results. Will definitely recommend…”

A Romer


“…It was great to work collaboratively with Martin to achieve the results we needed. It was smooth and professional…”

M Radmilo

Nexxon Group

“…Logical Assembly did an amazing job on our website, with speed and professionalism…”

D Verco

Advent Games

“…We asked Martin to redesign our very tired and boring website. The result is outstanding…

P Merity

Peter Merity

“…I would have no hesitation to recommend Logical Assembly. They have become our go-to provider for all aspects…”

E Burnett


“…Logical Assembly has provided a level of service and training to my staff and I, we, have never enjoyed before…”

M Beirne

Barclay Beirne Lawyers

“…I was impressed with their knowledge levels and the meticulous attention with which they approached the project…”

I Regan

Urban Exteriors

5 Ways To Boost Your Online Sales… Starting TODAY!

This is a down to earth, practical guide aimed at the average small to medium sized business owner who doesn’t know anything about digital marketing.

I am giving this away FOR FREE. But be quick as it will get replaced with fresh content in the near future.

5 Ways To Boost Your Online Sales… Starting TODAY!


This is a down to earth, practical guide aimed at the average small to medium sized business owner.

I am giving this away FOR FREE. But be quick as it will get replaced with fresh content in the near future.