Achieving Success Together

A Case Study

Urban Exteriors is a family-run business in Sydney that specialises in creating stunning outdoor spaces.

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... Our company is thriving right now and we are inundated looking after our core business of patio designing and landscaping. It was great to finally find a reliable provider who could offer all of the on line services in one place...

Izzy Regan

Director & Design Consultant

Izzy Regan


When Urban Exteriors partnered with Logical Assembly, we identified the redesign of their website as a priority. We delivered a new look and feel that exceeded their expectations.

  1. Mobile responsive - the website will automatically adjust to fit any device
  2. Optimised for Google - it gets top positions in search engine results
  3. Optimised to convert - the website has strategically-placed call to action buttons and forms

Our next objective was to increase traffic to their website and improve leads generation. Logical Assembly achieved this by running carefully planned campaigns in Google AdWords, social media, SEO, and content marketing.


  1. Most of Urban Exteriors' highly-competitive keywords have reached Page 1 of Google search engine results
  2. In August 2016, the Urban Exteriors website registered a 58% increase in new sessions and 61% in new users
  3. On Facebook during the same period, there was a 126% increase in post engagements

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