Transparency and Honesty

Simple Fee Structure

Transparency and Honesty

When we manage your Google AdWords campaigns, we provide you with full administrative access on AdWords. By having 100% transparency in our campaign management, we ensure our clients’ confidence.

  • You get to see exactly how your budget is being spent
  • Complete access to the campaign

Simple Fee Structure

It’s a common practice for search engine marketing agencies to charge a percentage of ad spend on top of management fees. Here at Logical Assembly, we make it easier on your budget. We only charge you a flat monthly fee, regardless of ad spend.

  • No fees based on percentage of ad spend
  • Flat monthly fee with easy payment terms

Landing Pages that are optimized for conversion

We create highly engaging and optimized landing pages that follow a proven landing page design formula. Combined with effective ad copy, it allows us to constantly achieve high quality scores on AdWords. Quality Score is an important factor in reaching the top ad positions.

  • Professionally designed landing pages
  • Relevant, compelling copy and call to action elements

5-Star Review 5 star

Eric Burnett



...I would have no hesitation to recommend Logical Assembly. They have become our go-to provider for all aspects...
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